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What I Do

Whether you're trying to find your first job, working to recover from a long period of funemployment or looking to move industries, I'm here to help. With a background in Strategic Communications and Humanities, I've realized I have two loves: editing and helping people. 

Since graduating college and moving to New York, I've walked with numerous friends through the job hunt process: from scouring through job listings, to drafting, editing and finalizing resumes and cover letters, to developing thoughtful answers in mock interviews.

Job hunting is stressful. So this is where I come in. I've been on both the side of the job-seeker and the job-giver. Even if I haven't worked in your industry, there's a skill in being able to sell your story well. And once you've told me yours, I'll help you learn to tell your story in a way that makes it seem like you're the only person fit for the job.



Below are descriptions of the types of services I offer, all of which are sliding scale and negotiable based on your needs. 

SERVICES PACKAGE DEAL: Resume & Cover Letter Initial Read + Round of Edits: $20 (incl. down payment)

Note, I ask for a non-refundable $10 down payment for all my services.
Typically, I don't charge final payment until we've secured you a job. However, in some instances, I arrange a monthly payment system with clients
All service costs are negotiable based on your current financial situation.



Resume Editing & Formatting

With the rise of the internet, employers can get hundreds of job applications a day. It can be really daunting task to get your resume to stick out in a pile of hundreds. 

I'll help you to make sure your resume captures the work you've done, while demonstrating that you are capable and able to do the job at hand. 

Initial Read + First Round of Edits & Comments: $15 - 25 Sliding Scale
Follow-Up Rounds: $10-15 Sliding Scale Additional


Cover Letters

There's a lot of talk that employers don't read cover letters. Sure, they may not spend hours mulling over how you structured that one sentence you edited five times but employers do use cover letters to narrow down their best candidates. It's the part of the process where you get to really tell your story, why you want the job and why you qualify most. 

Personally, this is my favorite part of the process. This is where I get to understand the passion behind the jobs you're applying to. And even if you're just trying to make a living wage, I'll find a way to weave what excites you into your job applications. 

Initial Read + First Round of Edits & Comments: $15 - 25 Sliding Scale
Follow-Up Rounds: $10-15 Sliding Scale Additional

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 10.14.20 PM.png

Mock Interviews

Interviews, whether on the phone or in-person, are the moment for you to make your best first-impression. It's best to come prepared, with thoughtful answers so you don't end up with a deer in headlights moment, and questions so you can be clear about the kind of job you are in the running for. 

Typically, I'll prepare a list of questions for you to develop talking points around (if you haven't already) and meet with you over your preferred medium (phone, Skype, in-person) to prepare you for your interview. 

1 Hour: $15-25 Sliding Scale
Every Half Hour Over: $10-15 Sliding Scale Additional



With a background in Strategic Communications, and nearly six years of doing communication-related work, I have worked within several industries including public relations, non-profit development and student development. I know first-hand the challenges of reframing your story and moving jobs or industries.


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  • Adobe Design Suite

  • Content Management Systems (Wordpress & Squarespace) 

  • Editing & Formatting

  • Presentation Development

  • Portfolio Development 

  • HTML & CSS

  • Social Media Branding (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it)


I highly recommend AnneMarie’s editing skills for anyone looking to learn how to better market themselves and take their job application game to the next level. You will not regret it, and it just might be the step you need to get your next dream job!
An B.
AnneMarie tore up my resume and cover letter— and it was just what I needed! Not only did she help me present myself with a targeted cohesiveness and clarity, but also, her edits helped me better understand myself and my career vision.
— AnaCristina F.


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Check all services that you would like to receive. Keep in mind, to receive my services, you will need to pay a $10 downpayment. Afterwards, we will keep a running tab of how many rounds of edits and meetings we do before you get a job. Final payment will be due within one week of you starting your new job or one week of completion of your website / portfolio / essay.
Please include the following in your message: > What work you've done so far > Your timeline > Your preferred price > A little more about your story > Preferred payment method (Venmo, Paypal or Cash)

Frequently Asked Questions

How quick is your editing and formatting turnaround?

I can get resume and cover letter edits back to you within 1 - 3 days depending on my schedule.

Given that this is currently my side passion project, I will be as transparent as possible in my initial response to your booking our services. 

I want to find a job in an industry that I have zero connections to - can you help me? 

Yes! Although I highly recommend you start networking with people who are in the industry you are interested in - I can help you to create personal branding materials (e.g. resume and cover letter) to help you stand out even amongst cold call applications. 

How do you prefer payment?

I prefer Venmo, Paypal or cash. Payment options can be discussed further via e-mail.